Aqua detox...

“Detox therapy to the rescue.”

Aqua detox “This is the leading technology in body detoxification.”
There are many methods for detoxification of the body, including colonic irrigation, special diets, herbal cleansers, but nothing is as amazing and simple as the Aqua Detox machine. This is the revolutionary way to detox and re-balance your body. It is one of the few treatments where you can see the process taking place as the water changes colour as you detox from 2,000 pores of each foot.

We live in a world with high-stressed lifestyles, environmental pollution, poor diet, all introducing a wide variety of toxins into the body. They all cause an electrical imbalance within your cells, reducing the efficiency of nutrient uptake and waste elimination, which can lead to minor problems or chronic illness.

What does it involve?
The treatment begins with you immersing your feet in a highly sophisticated foot bath, which contains warm water with salt added. The therapist sets the machine to the correct settings and then you sit back and relax for 30 minutes. During this time, the water will gradually change colour, ranging from orange, brown to dark brown in some cases.

Seeing the colour come out from your feet is amazing and many people ask what these colours relate to. At present colour is not scientifically measured. Further research is being carried out, to find ways of analysing the water more thoroughly. However, we should not concern ourselves with the colours of the water, but with the outcome of the treatment i.e. the improvement in vitality and health.

The theory
When the machine is turned on the unit creates a flow of electrons which imparts to the water, a bio-energetic resonance, which affects the micro-circulation of the body. This helps to regulate oxygen and nutrition to the tissues, restores the correct pH balance in the body fluids (important for good health) and aids the expelling of waste products from the body.

How many treatments should I have?
To achieve a good initial self-detox it is recommended that you have 6-8 treatments within a month. After this, an evaluation between the therapist and client to best suit your needs can be discussed.

Aqua Detox is not suitable for:

Combined detox programmes
Aqua Detox can be combined with other therapies such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and nutritional advice.