Bioskin jetting

A natural method for visibly reducing wrinkles and small facial blemishes based on skins capacity to regenerate itself.

Bio Skin Jetting Every day, more and more people around Europe are discovering the unique effects of Bioskin Jetting. Bioskin Jetting originates from the basic method called subscision, which is a technique developed over 13 years ago for dermatologists and surgeons to remove cellulite, scars and wrinkles. The Pascaud Institute in Belgium further developed this into Bioskin Jetting, which is a method used by beauty therapists to diminish wrinkles and scars. In addition to this Bioskin Smoothing was developed over 3 years ago for deeper wrinkles and all types of scars. The result of Bioskin jetting, combined with Bioskin smoothing are fantastic. There is nothing quite like it, nothing has preceded it and nothing compares with it. There are hundreds of salons throughout Europe and the rest of the world, performing these highly successful treatments yet this inspirational and truly original treatment has never been seen before in the UK until now.

Developed for beauty therapists to diminish wrinkles and scars Bioskin Jetting is a completely natural method not requiring injection of any foreign substance and is based upon the skinís own natural regeneration capabilities. By activating the area immediately underneath the wrinkle, the skin is stimulated into forming new tissue. This new tissue contains young collagen and elastic fibres that spread through the wrinkle.