Body scuplture massage...

This is a technique devised by Andrey Grebennikov PhD which has been proved to reduce fat and build muscle without employing expensive equipment. An experiment was carried out on 257 women aged between 17 and 62 years from 1997 to 1999, using different massage methods to increase muscle mass and reduce subcutaneous fat. Before starting the programme an assessment was made to determine which areas of the body needed correction.

The age groups of the women treated were divided into 3 categories (97% wanted weight loss rather than increased muscle mass.)

a) 18-26
b) 27-37
c) 37 upwards

and there were three control groups

1. Physical exercise group
2. Swedish massage group
3. sculpturing massage group

At the conclusion of the experiment it was found that the sculpturing massage group had achieved a significantly larger reduction in waist and hip circumference (3.5cms) when compared with other groups (1cm).

An appreciable difference in greater muscle mass was also achieved by the sculpturing technique. Ann added bonus was a reduction in the manifestation of cellulite. The treatment is painless, and the effects last for about a year provided regular gentle exercise is taken.

It has been found that certain days of the month have an influence on weight loss and muscle gain: and the treatment is based on calculation of these times, resulting on an increased effectiveness in the programme. The aim is to lose up to 3-4cms per area, per month. It is better to repeat the treatment programme after a short break than attempt too great a loss in a single course One course consists of 8 treatments within a month.

Two programmes have been devised and on completion of a consultation, one is chosen to best suit your needs. A programme is devised for each patient based on the presence of differing types of body fat which requires a variation in the massage technique. Additional methods can be used to intensify the effects of the sculpturing massage - e.g. reflexology, the use of oils, creams, exercise regimes and special diets. The emphasis is on giving a steady, healthy reduction rather than an excessive weight loss which can put a lot of stress on the internal organs and which is non-sustainable. Commitment is essential: a single course will not provide the answer to weight gain.