Carat skin rejuvenation Programme...

Carat skin rejuvenation Programme for men and women
A revolutionary approach to improving the skin! It improves your skin from the inside as well as the outside. Consisting of a professional salon facial and a home treatment package.

Carat The Professional facial
The Carat skin rejuvenation Programme starts with an initial consultation with your therapist, who will evaluate your skin-care requirements.

The consultation will be followed by a half-hour facial treatment consisting of five phases. This leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Phase 1 Cleansing
Phase 2 Concentrated retinal
Phase 3 Multi-peel
Phase 4 Lift ACE massage
Phase 5 Caviar treatment

The ampoule treatment for home use
This intensive course of treatment consists of 24 ampoules, which refine the texture of the skin improving the appearance, gently removing dead skin cells and helps to prolong the benefits of the professional Carat facial. Your therapist will put together combinations and ingredients, which specifically match your own skin type and skin condition