The ENVIRON skin range, was developed by Dr Des Fernandes for the treatment of sun-damaged skin. It is a vitamin-based anti-ageing, cosmoceutical. Suitable for:

environ As this is a cosmoceutical range, to derive maximum benefit, a consultation is necessary to determine suitable products for your skin condition and to maintain it in perfect health. It is a requirement of the manufacturer that no product can be sold to customers without an appropriate consultation with a qualified therapist.

The different ranges of Environ:

Interactive Range
The function of this range is to prepare the skin for the application of important active products, or to boost their effects.

Origional Range
This range consists of light, non-greasy products containing vitamin A, a free radical scavenging system of beta-carotene, vitamin C & E, and pro-vitamin B5.

Medical research and extensive trials have shown that vitamin A has a corrective effect on the skin, smoothing and softening it, whilst at the same time protecting it from the effects of ultra-violet irradiation and free radicals.

Active Range
This range is specially intended for problem skin. Each product contains Australian Tea-Tree oil for its antiseptic properties to help control bacteria and inflammation & most contain Salicylic acid for its mild exfoliant properties.

Ionzyme Range
No expense has been spared in the research and production of these products. Each of these unique gel formulae contains vitamin A, a highly absorbable form of vitamin C and a free radical scavenging system.

Alpha Hydroxy Range
This is based on a gentle, non-toxic Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that assists in softening and smoothing the skin. The range also assists the natural exfoliating function, leading to a smoother skin with greater resilience and finer texture, whilst replenishing the skinís natural acidity.

Intensive Range
This range is designed to provide the skin with specialised intense treatments. The products are intended for use by those who wish to obtain maximum benefits from vitamins and nutrients for specific problem areas. Each product has special active ingredients that increase the rejuvenating effect on the skin, providing faster results.

Sun care
RAD SPF 16 is a revolutionary sunscreen containing sun filters and sun reflectants that give a SPF 16 to provide protection from both UVA & UVB irradiation.