Facial Reflexology...

facial reflexology What is it?
Facial Reflexology is an innovative, powerful and exciting form of reflexology that is considered one of the most modern and effective complementary therapies to date.

Created by Lone Sorensen Lopez, a Danish reflexologist, acupuncturist and researcher who has brought together the knowledge and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, neuro-anatomy and a primitive method used by South American Indians, native to Argentina.

As a person experiences emotional and physical trauma, there are repercussions on many levels - physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Facial Reflexology is more than a facial because it reaches and affects many areas in the body, helping the body to release trauma on all these levels, bringing the body into balance.

How does it work?
We have many nerve endings in the face and when the therapist stimulates specific areas of the face such as acupuncture points, meridians, neurovascular points and neurological points, information in the form of impulses are sent via the central nervous system (CNS) to certain organs and body systems.

Facial Reflexology is a method that aims at looking at the cause of the problems and by careful inspection of the face both visually and manually, it is possible to tailor make a treatment package to suit the needs of the individual.

Facial Reflexology has all the benefits of foot reflexology, but because it connects with the central nervous system, responses are faster. Usually, fewer sessions are required to realise the benefits and it can help with chronic and acute conditions as well as acting as a measure to prevent illness.

What are the benefits?