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La Phyto personalised treatments are based on Chinese medicine, reflexology, colour therapy and their amazing product range.

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La Phyto is a French skin care laboratory elaborating products for body, face, hair and scalp treatments. Based in Southern Brittany in France, birthplace of modern thalassotherapy, La Phyto has been developing a unique healing approach for the past 30 years.

Pioneer in the introduction of algae and colour clays, La Phyto, has based its method on Chinese Medicine and the more advanced Western cosmetic techniques such as reflexotherapy and chromotherapy (colour therapy).

La Phyto offers a real re-discovery of oneself, the body and its abilities to heal itself. It provides clients with a personalised beauty treatment and a beauty diagnosis known as "Energetic biorhythm". The aim is to treat the problem according to the person's ageing process and other key elements given by her biorhythm.

La Phyto products are made from 100% natural active ingredients (clays, algae, trace elements, phytoplankton, essential oils, plant extracts, cereals etc) and are developed for face, body, scalp and hair treatments as well as Balneotherapy, body wraps and techniques such as drainage, massage and electro-stimulation. They are complementary to treating the cause of a skin care problem by stimulating the body's own energies. (treating the cause of a problem - not the symptom)

Due to the increase in demand for skin care products for men, La Phyto, with a wealth of experience in the field of personalised treatments, has elaborated LA PHYTO'M, a new range of 5 products for the face, to provide men with Beauty, Cleansing and Well-being.

Beauty Diagnosis – A personalised treatment
La Phyto is far more than just a range of beauty products. It is a method based on personalised treatments focusing on the client’s whole being – mind, body and spirit. It has long been known that when a problem exists in one area, it can be linked to a cause or another. La Phyto’s combined approach restores the natural balance and promotes the body’s own healing process which in turn reflects its restored harmony through the skin.

The needs of each client will be different but La Phyto’s unique whole body approach will match the needs of each client, working in partnership with the body’s natural healing process and promoting health on all levels.

Energetic Biorhythm
Biorhythm means “personal rhythm of life”. Upon consultation we begin to understand the client and its ageing process thanks to birth details enabling us to make a personalised beauty diagnosis.

Born on October 9th 1940 at 4.00
Your biorhythm reveals that your main energy is in the METAL element (the Law of the 5 elements) and in your case, the METAL is in excess of energy (YANG) emphasizing an excess in sensibility. According to our beauty diagnosis, because of this excess of energy, you are prone to problems related to the lymphatic system and venous tissue. The excess of METAL expresses a block in the lymphatic and venous circulation in relation with a passionate sensibility generating bowel trouble.

As far as skin problems are concerned, you are prone to redness on the face, vein distension, wrinkles and skin dehydration. Also in order to re-balance and harmonise your body’s energies, we offer you a real personalised treatment including the various products for an optimisation of the treatment.

The facial we would do on this person as a first treatment is as follows: