The natural face lift...

“Look younger and feel full of vitality with face lifting without surgery.”

The face is our primary organ of emotional expression. When we want to see what a person is feeling, we look at their face.

Every trauma or stress sets itself in our facial muscles. Thinking about negative experiences of the past or imagining their recurrence in the future, re-stimulates these same muscular patterns. Even the act of repressing emotions so that other people will not see what we feel, leaves its traces: not only in the stiffness that we use as a mask, but also in the expression that we hoped to hide from the eyes of others.

After a while, we get so used to the patterns of tension, that we no longer notice them. People can go around with the same stress and strain in their face for twenty, thirty or even forty years without being aware of it.

By working on the connective tissue that encases the muscles, we create space for the muscles to relax. The muscles improve their elasticity and begin to tone up.

The face achieves a flexible, lively balance, shaping and stretching the skin towards the optimal, harmonious form.

Many of us are concerned about the way we look and feel and our face conveys our life experiences, of stress, worry and exhaustion which etch themselves on our face resulting in wrinkles, dull complexions and sagging jaw lines.

Cosmetic surgery is one solution widely used these days, but surgical measures entail considerable financial outlay, pain and time spent recuperating. Natural face lifting is a pleasurable alternative to surgery. It helps the skin regain its elasticity and reverses to some extent the ravages of time, revealing a more relaxed youthful face.

What is it?
Natural Face lifting is an exacting, gentle fingertip massage that works on the connective tissue and the 91 muscles of the face, scalp, neck and shoulders which lifts your face by gently releasing tightened tissue.

How does it work?
Tense muscles affect our facial shape and makes us look stressed and lead to blocked energy pathways within the meridian system which can cause pain and discomfort. A tense muscle does not function properly, it inhibits the circulation of blood, lymph and cellular exchange of nutrition and waste products. When this happens toxins build up in the tissues and your skin begins to lack lustre, eventually the muscle slowly shrinks and ageing sets in.

A muscle cannot release emotions by itself and this is where Rejuvanessence comes in. Besides working on connective tissue it uses acupuncture points to release blocked energy, relieving headaches and shoulder pain.

How many treatments do I need?
Natural Face Lifting usually consists of six, one hour session which progress from gentle massage of the tissue just below the skin surface to deeper concentration on muscle tension. Each session works on different groups of muscle and areas of connective tissue, gradually fine lines and wrinkles begin to diminish.

Benefits of treatment